The “Bus Kai” U.S.A. Tour 2017

We’ve been traveling quite a lot the past couple of years, taking our craft to many different countries. We love doing that. We love playing for new audiences, teaching workshops to students that have totally different sources of inspiration, finding ourselves among new friends.

And now, we are making a trip that is that much more special and exciting. We are going on our first tour of the US!

The “Bus Kai” U.S.A. Tour 2017


It all started when we were invited by Dad’s Garage Theater Company in Atlanta to visit them and take part in their festival. Clearly, we could not possibly pass on such a great offer to play with some incredibly talented improvisers at Dad’s, so we started making plans straight away. And soon after, a tour had been planned!

On April 11th we are departing from Athens, Greece and flying to New York. We will have 2 weeks ahead of us, during which we have the most jam-packed schedule possible. We will visit The Hideout Theater in Austin, TX, SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando, FL, Dad’s Garage Theatre Company in Atlanta, GA and Magnet Theater in New York.

We are looking forward to present our current format, The Bench, and to perform alongside many highly talented improvisers, many of whom we’ve never even met yet.

The Bench - By Bus Kai Improv

This is going to be a crazy, exciting 2 weeks! Join us, in any part of the way!

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