What we do

We perform

Improv Comedy shows is our bread and butter. We perform regularly and we’d love to come do a show wherever you are!

We teach

Sharing the improv love is our number one concern. We teach all levels of improv and we’ve been told that we are good at it. We choose to believe that.

We video

We like video silliness. We film and create short videos for our pleasure. And ultimately, yours.

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Who we are

(and why we are called Bus Kai)
Bus Kai is Greece's only improv duo troupe!

Yeap, that's us. We are an improv comedy theater troupe. That means we jump up on stage and make up an entire play on the spot.

We primarily focus on creating improvised narratives. We like telling stories and we like experiencing the stories we tell.

We are based in Athens, Greece, and that is where we primarily teach and perform. However, we often take our craft elsewhere. We've performed in many cities all around Greece. In occasion that we happened to have our passports with us, we taught and/or performed in Turkey, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Spain, Sweden. We are looking forward to adding more countries to this list.

Oh, what our name means. Bus Kai (pronounced "bus ké") is a play on words for a Greek phrase, "Μπας και...", which is pronounced the same way. It means "just in case", "you never know", which we found quite relevant to our art. At that point, we thought "Hey, why not say "bus" instead of "μπας".

And there you have it.

The cast

Yes, both of us!

Menelaos Prokos

Bearded workaholic
Menelaos has traveled a lot and has tried many different things in his life. Improv is the only one that stuck for the long run. He spends most of his free time cycling, playing escape room games (and any kind of game in general) and cleaning up his dog’s mess.

Vassiliki Kissa

Actress extraordinaire
Vasiliki Kissa is an actress, won over by improv theater. Music, cinema and telescopes are her greatest joys. However, nothing exceedes her passion towards her flatmates. Her cats!!

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